[2]’Your Blood Like Winter Freezes Like Ice’


That was a crazy weekend of work. 

Last  week we had a warning that Hurricane Dorian was on his way to New Brunswick, Nova Scotia , and PEI.

The weather for Saturday kept flipping. From ton of rain and wind to nothing.  On Thursday before I left work it was forecasting 75mm to 150 mm. with wind gusts up to 100. 

Thursday afternoon we talked a game plan for the weekend for worst case scenario. 

We got hit by post tropical Dorian Saturday afternoon and it sucked. 

 I lost power Saturday night . I ended up playing Nintendo Switch. The rain and wind was terrible.

This is my neighbourhood. No power!

On Sunday morning my work had no power. I ended up working at a different place.  It was also super busy and had no time for lunch. 

It was just bad all around.

The city is cleaning up. 

This morning I got up just before The Captian left for work.. I laid in bed for a bit, gotup, cleaned up, and now I’m having breakfast.

Its gonna be a lazzzyyy day!  

[1]’ You’re Just What I Need’

It’s September already and so crazy. 

I cannot believe how fast the summer’s gone.  

I know January is for new beginnings but I always feel like September is. I think it stems from my school years. 

I started setting goals for myself. To get out more, exercise more and stop eating out so much.

I’ve been scouring the internet for recipes that are easy, nutritionist and will help weigh loss.  

I joined a gym a month ago. I’ve been using the Nike training app to help make work outs. 

I’m pumped.

I feel so positive and inspired. 

Which is what I need.